30 Day Challenge – Day 16

New Member Counter: 10

My Membership Website: Best Quality PLR

My 30 Day Challenge Explained Here

Here is a text summary of my 3 major actions towards adding 100 new members to my business:

3 New Members have joined since my Day 15 update so that is the biggest jump in a single day! Not bad!

Action Item 1: Created 2 new joint venture projects

I’ve been speaking with new people all week, many who have expressed interest in partnerships and joint venture opportunities. Today I had 2 quite lengthy meetings with people who will be doing projects with me starting on Tuesday.

Without revealing all of our “secrets” lol, in general, these will be partnership deals where my products will be offered as an upsell to some of their products that are already for sale on the live market.

Action Item 2: Built the upsell infrastructure

In order to execute the plan from action item 1, I needed to build in the technical components to actually handle the upsell process. I have built a really nice sales funnel that incorporates my partners website with my PLR membership site. I have completed all of the testing and it is pretty much ready to go for both of my immediate projects.

The good news is that this can be scaled by a factor of 100s and it would not really require all that much more work. The basic components are already in place making it very easy to grow this thing quickly!

Action Item 3: Promoted my 2 active offers on the Warrior Forum

This was a huge task. It took a total of about 2 days of work to get everything set up.

This is the first offer

Here is the second offer.

The second offer was responsible for about $500 in revenue over the past 24 hours and it increased exposure to our membership site. We have a total of 37 unique visitors to Best Quality PLR membership site from this second offer.

The first offer was directly responsible for 2 of the 3 members we acquired over the past 24 hours… so I would say it was a good move 🙂

See you tomorrow!

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