Break Through To A New You

I am a firm believer that each and every one of us has a bigger, bolder more enhanced version of ourselves trapped inside waiting to be unleashed! In this post, I’d like to offer some ideas, tips and advice that will help you break through to a new version of you… Section 1 – Use […]

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Don’t Underestimate What It Really Takes To Succeed

It is always an interesting exercise to look back over the past 6 years and analyze how my psychology has changed from employee to entrepreneur. There were so many things I “thought” I understood when I first became a business owner. But, like many aspiring entrepreneurs, what you read in books and what you see […]

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Navy SEAL Motivation – Interview With David Rutherford

Late in 2013, I added a new style of Personal Development reading into my arsenal. I picked up some books written by Navy SEALs dealing with the topics of mental toughness, self confidence and personal motivation. I LOVED these style of books because they were so different from the classic leadership, sales, and self development […]

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The 10X Rule And How I’ve Used It

Today I wanted to share a little insight from a Kindle book I’m currently reading called “The 10X Rule” by Grant Cardone. As you may know, I’m an avid reader of personal development books and I always seem to gain a new insight and get a dose of inspiration from each new book I go […]

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Discipline Weighs Ounces

I’m sure you’ve heard the famous quote from Jim Rohn that says ““The pain of discipline weighs ounces whereas the pain of regret weighs tons.” Today’s post is the final update in a series of 100 consecutive days of writing, recording audio and/or recording video updates discussing topics related to mindset and motivation. I reach […]

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The Power Of Non-Interference

As we kick off a new year, there is an aura of excitement in the air. People feel more optimistic and renewed about the year ahead. I’ll admit I definitely get caught up in the “spirit” of the new year season. One of my favourite things to do at this time of year is a […]

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Use A Countdown To Evoke Change

Since today’s update falls on New Year’s even and we are currently counting down the hours to a brand new year…. I thought it would be cool to talk about the power of a countdown. A countdown is really the anticipation of a future moment in time. The moment in time itself is usually arbitrary, […]

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What’s Old Is New Again

As you work to develop yourself and improve your skills in your life and business, you will learn so many powerful lessons that give you that “aha” moment of inspiration. Think back to a time when you got an insight or an idea that gave you a huge rush of excitement almost as though you […]

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Your Best Work Will Never Be Enough For Everyone

The title of today’s post may come across as more of a “demotivational” topic but hear me out because there is a powerful message within. In the following audio recording, I share some of my thoughts about the fact that as you grow in skill in ability, whatever your chosen field, no matter how good […]

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Stop Hating If You Want More Success

Today’s message is a short, but important. You’ve probably noticed the overwhelmingly high amount of negativity that floats around the internet. Find a talented actor, musician, speaker or writer and the comments about their work is often riddled with “haters”. It is one thing to offer constructive feedback to help someone. But if you are […]

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Cultivating Persistence

“Persistence is to the character of  man as carbon is to steel” — Napoleon Hill When I was first introduced to the world of personal development books and speakers, one of the very first lessons I learned was about the power of persistence. Whatever path you have chosen and whatever aspirations you may have, there […]

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Keeping An Idea Journal

In the past I have discussed the idea of keeping a success log and a journal of your activities. Right now, I actually keep a total of 3 separate booklets/journals on the go. The first one is a daily journal where I write down my biggest insights, lessons learned, reflections on things that inspired me […]

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Reconnecting To Your Wants In Life

Since this post is going live during the 2013 Christmas Holiday season, I thought it would be a good time to discuss the idea of personal “wants”. This is kind of like revisiting your youth and making a list for Santa Clause of all the things you wanted as gifts. Except instead of making a […]

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Plan To Do Something Before You Know How

Every one of us has been guilty at some point of putting off something we REALLY wanted to do because it just wasn’t the right time or our circumstances weren’t right. Sometimes, this is simply the truth and we have to move on. But other times, the thing we WANT is actually a very real […]

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Every Great Achiever Creates A Sense Of Certainty

Today I had an interesting call with some long time clients of mine and one guy in particular was talking about some upcoming plans to possibly build and launch an educational product about a topic he was very well versed in (something he had never done before). As the conversation went along, I quickly realized […]

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Directing Your Thoughts To What You Want

Yesterday I was outside clearing the driveway and removing huge amounts of ice that was covering our cars after a pretty major ice storm. My son thought it looked fun so he decided to join me and play on the frozen surface while I finished what I was working on. As he was slipping and […]

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Keeping Your Positive Habits Alive

I used to incorrectly assume that “getting into the habit” of doing something would be a permanent solution to removing negative habits in my life. In fact, there are books that even talk about the concept of doing something every day for 21 days is long enough to create a habit. The problem is… a […]

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Get Comfortable Being Your True Self

Today I had a very enlightening coaching call with a new client and we got into a discussion about how some people are going to love what you do, while others won’t have the time of day for you. This is especially true if you produce work that is consumable by other people (bloggers, musicians, […]

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Demand More From Yourself Than Anyone Else Could

The title of this post is based on a famous quote from pro basketball legend Julius “Dr. J” Irving when he said “I demand more of myself than anyone else could ever expect.” Just repeat this quote a few times to yourself while you imagine the incredible levels of success someone like Dr.J (or anyone […]

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Using A Personal Skills Mind Map For Self Motivation

Today’s update is a mini training-style video where I show you a cool little mind mapping technique I like to use. The idea is to focus on all of your skills and talents and then dwell on all of the benefits and advantages that these skills bring you in life, business, etc… This can be […]

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